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The Beta Switch – I Tried it and WOW!

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So why is the Beta Switch the best diet for women?

Well to answer that lets first look at what makes it different to any other diet.

Simply put, the Beta Switch diet shows you how to control your body’s alpha and beta adrenergic receptors.

Why are your Adrenoceptors so important to dieting?

Because Adrenoceptors control your body’s ability to burn fat.

Adrenoceptors are like SWITCHES that react with a hormone called adrenaline that is released naturally by your body, and makes you store or release fat.

Both women and men have Beta Adrenoceptors and Alpha Adrenoceptors.

And these are the key to getting rid of stubborn female body fat!

If you turn on your Beta receptor “switch” you will trigger fat burning.

And if you turn on your body’s Alpha receptor “switch” you will store and trap fat in your fat cells.

You see the food and exercise recommended in most traditional diets can cause your Alpha Adrenoceptors levels to increase, resulting in your metabolism slowing right down.

That can actually mean your weight loss hits a plateau and in some cases may even cause weight gain.

The good news is that your Adrenoceptors can be controlled through a proper diet and exercise program.

So to answer the question why is the Beta Switch system the best diet program for women?

Well, because this diet will increase your Beta Adrenoceptors level to speed up your metabolism resulting in you losing weight.


By implementing the Beta Switch secret.

But what is the Beta Switch secret?

Well don’t fear it doesn’t mean that by following the diet you will only be eating bean sprouts for 3 meals a day, not at all.

In fact, it is likely you can continue to eat a lot of the foods you do now.

The Beta Switch secret lies in the formula that makes up the 12 week diet plan.

It works by using a combination of food, fasting, organic supplements, calorie intake, calorie burn and exercise to reset and control your metabolism.


About the Beta Switch diet plan

The Beta Switch weight loss system is a 12 week diet and exercise program designed just for women.

And trust me, you won’t starve on this diet and you won’t be completely restricted to what you can eat.

Will this diet help me?

Well, probably if you have some of the tell-tale signs of a hormone imbalance which are:

•    you’re overweight
•    cellulite or cottage cheese looking fat around your thighs and stomach
•    low energy levels throughout the day
•    late night food cravings
•    feeling hungry after eating a full meal

There’s really not that much to it.

You see there’s a very good chance that if you have one of these issues you probably don’t even know it its caused by a hormone imbalance which is surprising because it affects a lot of women.

It’s also unfortunate that most women aren’t using the full fat burning potential of the hormones in their system and don’t realise that this is what can cause a plateau in their diet.

So how does the Beta Switch solve Alpha Adrenoceptors overload in your body?

To answer this first let’s look at the cause of the problem.

You see over time many people bombard their bodies with too many calories which increases the level of Alpha Adrenoceptors in their system.

And when there is so much of it in your body the receptors in your brain lose their sensitivity to it.

That means your body stores more of the energy (calories) that you eat and you put on weight.

But the good news is that increasing your fat burning Beta Adrenoceptor level can be done and its not that hard.

So what is the Beta Switch strategy to increase your Beta Adrenoceptors?

Well, in its simplest form the strategy is to:

a.    control your calorie intake on a maintenance and deficit style diet plan;
b.    make sure you have at least 12 hours of fasting (overnight) and;
c.    eat food that is Beta A friendly (most foods are) and avoid food that is not such as soy based products and refined sugar.

Now I know that may sound simple but there is a very effective strategy to follow that is explained in the diet plan. There is also a light exercise plan to follow.venus-factor-diet-system-(2)

What results can I expect on the diet?

Some women have reported dropping several dress sizes within one or two weeks of commencing with the diet.

Of course this may not be the same for everyone, but given that thousands of women have followed this diet and achieved their weight loss goals, the odds would suggest that you will as well.

And remember it is hard to fail as you are not on your own. There are people willing and ready to help you meet your goals (both staff and other experienced users in the online forum).

And a point to note, speaking of goals, it is important to set a realistic goal of how much weight you intend to lose and to take your measurements before starting the program.

Otherwise how else will you measure your success?

You can get help with this in your membership area if you need to.

So how does the Beta Switch compare to other diets?

The first and probably most important difference is that the Beta Switch diet program is a comprehensive approach to improving your lifestyle.

So rather than just going on a diet and losing some weight, the Beta Switch will educate you on how to get to your ideal weight and maintain it.

There is also fantastic support from the Beta Switch staff and the online community in the forum which stands out when compared to other diets.

Also, another one of the best things that women love about this diet is that you can choose when to eat your meals.

However, there are rules to follow like the 12 hour overnight gap between meals and that you should be careful not to exceed your calorie intake for the day.

So how many calories can I eat with this diet?

Well, for everyone it is different.

According to the USDA an average woman consumes about 1600 – 2000 calories per day when not dieting.

But to give you some idea about the diet plan, the meals generally range between 1000 and 1700 calories per day.

You basically you work your calorie intake for the week using the diet plans inside your account.

But getting the actual amount of calories that you are eating right can be one of the hardest things to work out when you want to get started.

It will take some trial and error to get it right. Over the first few weeks of the diet you will begin to work it out though.

venus factor diet system (1)

What I mean by working out the actual calorie intake for you is that it is virtually impossible to know the exact amount of calories in any particular food without a laboratory test of it.

So what that leaves you with is working out the closest possible approximation of the calorie intake using food labels etc.

So you certainly do have permission to be imperfect with on this diet.

Look, think about it this way, if I was to ask you exactly how many calories are in a banana, well that depends on factors like the size of it right.

So do not get too caught up with trying to work the exact dietary proportions of every piece of food.

To begin with follow the meal plans as close as possible and estimate the calories (within reason!) and go from there.

So here is a guide on the basic calorie intake of some popular foods that will give you some perspective on how much of any particular food you can eat.

For example:

A 7” banana is about 105 calories
One whole egg is about 78 calories
A whole avocado about 234 calories
And an apple is about 95 calories

For fast food:

A 7.5 ounce Big Mac is 540 calories
A Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut is 190 calories
A Starbucks Latte has 190 calories
And a chicken drumstick on the bone from KFC is about 120 calories

Of course these are only approximate calories per food item but they are pretty close to the mark.

Note that taking into account the individual calories is especially important if you intend to eat your own chosen foods as part of the program.

How long does it take to lose weight?

You could easily see weight loss the first week.

But depending on how large you are will often determine how much you will lose in week one.

It can be quite a lot, you see it is often the case that the larger you are the faster you will lose weight initially.

Not that it really matters though because it is your desired end goal (your maintenance weight) that you want to achieve anyway.

However, some women say they have lost five pounds, while others say they dropped twenty after seven days.

And just about everyone who has done the diet has reported that they have achieved their goal by the end of the 12 weeks.

What food will I need to buy?

One of the best things about this diet is that you will not have to purchase any specialty foods.

In fact you’ll even be able to eat some of the foods you crave at times.

Each diet plan ranges between 1000 and 1700 calories per day and there are dozens of them to choose from.

Basically you will need to greatly increase your protein intake and decrease your simple carbohydrates (carbs).

Simple carbs are breads, pastas, and refined sugars to name a few. And of course you also need to be prepared to eat a larger quantity of vegetables.

Oh, and if you don’t have one buy a kitchen scale.

You can also increase your weight loss results by consuming herbal teas like mulberry leaf or green tea.

Both these products contain antioxidants and they have excellent overall health boosting properties.

Also drink at least 64oz (or 2 liters) of water every day and of course cut back on salt because it makes you hold on to water and raises your blood pressure.

Can I substitute food in the diet plan?

Yes, the diet plan is not set in concrete.

Food substitutions can be worked out if you know how many calories there are in the food you plan to eat.

You can do this using food labels, or looking it up in a calorie estimator (an estimate that is as close as possible is fine).

Then just make sure the calories you eat for that day don’t exceed your limit calculated in the Beta Switch diet plan.

Of course the biggest benefit to following the actual diet plan is that your day’s meals have all been worked out for you.

Also, importantly it gives you a very wholesome spread of food that will keep you feeling fulfilled during the day.

But there may be food types in the diet that you don’t like, don’t have access to buy or know what they are.

So you will want to examine which meal plan you want to follow a week ahead and make your modifications to it.

Can I eat out while on the diet?

Yes, of course but try to follow these rules, do it no more than once a week and do it on a cheat day.

And budget at least 600 calories for the meal, especially if you have wine with it (unless of course you just have a salad!).

Can I drink alcohol while on the diet?

Again yes, but best avoided since alcohol does have a lot of calories in it that will need to be factored into your days intake. A calorie calculator will help.

Is sugar the enemy?

Not necessarily, this diet works on the principle that essentially there is no good food or bad foods.

All food can have its place, so sugar, carbs and fat are OK so long as you do not exceed your daily calorie intake.

However, raw sugar is much better for you than refined (white) sugar which is found in most processed food.

Can I do this diet if I am vegetarian?

Yes, but since a lot of the meal plans include meat you will need to work out the calorie intake of your chosen substitutions.

This can be done but it will take a bit of extra homework.

Do I have to exercise?

No, but you will get better results if you do.

What are the exercises in Beta Switch like?

When it comes to weight loss exercise for women the program has easy to follow instructions for each set of exercises.

Each of the workouts target particular muscle groups that hone in on specific parts of your body.

The workouts are aimed at strength training so that you can build up muscle strength and burn more fat.

How often will I need to work out?

During the 12 week program you will need to work out 3 times a week. The days can be back to back or you can put time between them.

The exercises take about 15 minutes for each session which is not that large of a time commitment for a weight loss program.

And note that if you want to do them at home you may need to buy some light gym equipment.

Can exercise can be bad?

Believe it or not, when a woman begins dieting and exercising the stress of working out can actually cause a greater resistance to Beta Adrenoceptors.

Generally exercise is a good thing for your body, but going at it to hard is not very good when you are dealing with Beta Adrenoceptors.

It puts your body under stress which can cause your hormone resistance to actually increase resulting in the slowing down your metabolism.

The good news is that the Beta Switch exercises are light in nature, but they are targeted and very effective.

They won’t put your body under too much stress and most people will not have a problem doing them.

Do note that if you are doing the exercises at home you may need to buy some basic equipment like an ab wheel, exercise ball and dumbbells to name a few.

This is why weight loss diets that work such as this one are by far the best approach to an overall weight loss regimen.

You will not be stressed out trying to work out your weight loss meal plans as you go along and the exercises are simple but effective.

This is the other key difference between this and other diets, it gives you an effective exercise program along with the diet to address your hormone issues.

What equipment do I need for the exercises?

•    large exercise mat
•    stability ball
•    ab wheel
•    dumbbells
•    barbell
•    steps
•    exercise band
•    scale
•    pedometer or calorie counter

And this is desirable:

•    bench press


Getting started with the diet

Getting started with the Beta Switch diet menu is easy but you may need to do a little planning before starting out.

It will be a good idea to write up a shopping list and do some shopping to get the ingredients to get started with.

As far as the actual diet plan goes it is a good idea to read through the whole diet program as it explains everything you need to know.

Looking at the diet plan I can tell you that spending time doing a little preparation will help ensure you get the best result.

How it works

The diet basically works on a series of deficit and maintenance meal plans that focus on different protocols such as fat, carbs, calories and protein that you follow over the 12 week program.

You can choose a meal plan you want on any particular day so long as it matches the recommended type of meal plan for that day (ie. maintenance or cheat).

To explain the deficit and maintenance diet plan it goes like this, it is a direct reference to your calorie intake on any day of the diet plan.

So if you’re on a deficit day you eat less calories than your resting metabolic rate requires (the calories your body needs to function) and on a maintenance day you eat the actual amount of calories your body needs.

The basic principle here is that on deficit days your body will burn your body fat to maintain your resting metabolic rate resulting in you losing weight.

You will also note there are days to increase protein, fat and carbs intake etc. Most days are deficit which can be tough to start with because the calorie intake on those days is low.

That means your food (calorie) intake on those days will likely be much lower than you may be used to.

That sudden drop in calories means it will be hard to get used to when starting, but is essential to you losing weight.

You see the basic principle is that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order for your body to burn fat and you to lose weight.

Another great aspect of the diet is that your online account includes a calorie calculator to help you work out food substitutions if you need to (if there is food in the meal plan that you don’t like or are allergic to etc).

And if you need help to work it all out don’t forget that there are many women in the forum who are willing to help you achieve your goal so there is no shortage of advice and motivation.

If you exceed your recommended calories on a given day is not really a problem for a few reasons.

First, your daily calorie intake will reduce quite rapidly as you start to lose weight so it won’t take long before your meal calories are within the diet plan.

Also, there are one or two “cheat” days or eat up days per week where you can eat your recommended maintenance calories to give your metabolism a boost.

And lastly you will notice that the majority of the days are deficit days which is when you really must limit your calorie intake.

Challenges of the diet plan

Well having reviewed the diet and exercise plan I feel I should point out a few aspects of the program that may prove challenging to some women.

If you are VERY overweight this program may not work for you. In this situation it is essential to speak to your doctor to discuss your situation first.

So after reviewing the program I can honestly say that this is a well-rounded and thought out weight loss plan.

It is not just another fad diet that will cause you to drop only 5 pounds in two weeks and then stop losing it.

These are real weight loss secrets that almost ensure you will succeed.

I like to think of it as a complete lifestyle plan that will see you lose the weight you want to, and keep it off now and into the future.

So if you are wondering, does the Beta Switch work?

Yes absolutely it does!

How much does it cost?

The diet program cost is $19 (USD) at the time of writing this review.

Get motivated and get started!

If you’re on the fence as to whether you want to try this diet, my advice would be to buy the basic 12 week program and take a look inside it for yourself.

Get involved in the online community and start to develop relationships with other like minded women.

You will be surprised how much of a motivating lift this can give you. Then with a little planning you can get started with the right mindset.

My recommendation

Following the Beta Switch weight loss system will result in you getting a toned body and achieving your weight loss goals.

So give it a go, it will an experience and will take your diet to the next level. It’s absolutely everything you need going into the future.

PSS. I hope I have answered any questions you might have had about the Beta Switch diet. Now the rest is up to you! Best of luck and I hope your dream of weight loss will now be a reality. 🙂

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